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Some excursions and camps are pretty unexciting, but others are a blast! – These are the ones you want to remember forever!

Include collage pages and even a small report dedicated to the most memorable excursions, camps, retreats, overseas trips, sporting days and more!



School Formals are amazing! A celebration of your youth, friendships and schooling. Every yearbook should have a dedication to these magical nights. In years down the track you’ll want to remember where it was held, who you went with, and what you wore. Include as many photos as possible of the night, and of course the after party!

Your Year 12 Formal will likely be held in November or December. You may want to have the yearbook handed out to students before or at the formal. So how do you include photos of the night?

If you want to include formal photos, consider:

  • leaving a blank or semi-blank page, for students to stick their own formal photos in there
  • handing out the books after the formal in mid-December
  • have a chat to your Yearbook Consultant for their advice!

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