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Yearbook Happiness!

Rockstar Memoirs are Australia’s Yearbook specialists. We take pride in helping all sorts of groups create the best yearbooks in Australia. We can help you in any capacity from ideas, graphic design, layout, project management, and printing services.

Our story so far…
We’re good at yearbooks today, because we were once bad… In August 1998, Manly High School’s Class of ‘98 tried to put together a Year 12 Yearbook. Unfortunately the Yearbook Committee didn’t have enough time or advice, and their project ultimately failed. As the Internet was starting to get popular, a committee member Nathan Leong created a grade website – similar to an early Facebook.

Realising that other Year 12 groups would be having similar difficulties of creating a Yearbook, Nathan started helping other Year 12 grades with websites and yearbooks – and they were huge successes! Some early clients who jumped on-board include St George Girls’ High School, Sydney Girls’ High School, and Fort Street High School.

Our Studio

Come and visit Australia’s specialist Yearbook Studio, and push your project further and faster!

At our studio, free of charge or obligation you can:

  • chat with yearbook consultants and graphic designers
  • get hundreds of ideas from Australia’s largest yearbook library
  • have your yearbook files checked
  • get general help and tips with your project


With Wi-Fi Internet, and convenient public transport nearby, there’s no reason you shouldn’t drop in!

Rockstar Memoirs Yearbook Studio
115 Crown Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

We’re mostly in during business hours, but to be sure please call and make a booking: 1300 782 901

Our Culture

We’d like to describe ourselves, so you can assess whether or not we’re the right fit for your project!

We work hard.
This is closely tied to who we are as individuals. We’re go-getters with initiative. We don’t sit around and wait for the world to come to us. We were taught to take it to the next level. And we do.

We’re level headed.
We help groups publish yearbooks. While we love yearbooks, we understand that yearbooks are not the be all and end-all. Life will go on! Our Creative Services team produce results on time, and on budget. Our designers are talented and have some serious skills. We’re not as super ego trendy like the ‘cool kids’, but we’re fun, level headed and always reasonable.

We’re on a path to something bigger.
Our team are young, hard working, and realistic. The bigger picture matters too. We realise that all good things must come to an end, and there is an even brighter opportunity around the corner. We seek to become better individuals as much as we seek to help your project succeed.

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